ACES Overview

ACES Group LLC (ACES) is a technology-based content management and process improvement company focused on assisting DoD organizations to leverage the scope and scale of the full implementation of Microsoft on-premises and in cloud platforms.

To fully understand our approach, and the value we deliver, it is important to understand
the origin of the company. ACES was founded by an F-16 and B-2 Bomber pilot, educated in engineering, computer science, and war. When not flying, he was automating business processes and integrating analytics to enable well-informed decisions.

There is a unique perspective within the company where Military acumen, business and IT intersect. Where we have been fuels the inspiration for where we are going. Our mission is to transition government organizations to Office 365 where we innovate smart solutions and modernize their business operations.


4 Foundations of Service Value:

  1. Content Management: As organizations mature, managing content becomes increasingly critical to operational success. This is the critical foundation underpinning all other service areas.

  2. Process Automation: This service provides a great ROI to clients. We leverage O365’s advanced technologies to create smart solutions that streamline, integrate, and automate business processes.

  3. Business Analytics: Integrated data analytics track progress, measure performance, identify bottlenecks, and drive continuous improvement. Executive dashboards enable data-driven decisions.

  4. Embedded Training: ACES provides on-demand training that is integrated directly into our solutions for access whenever and whereever it is needed. This is visualized as context-sensitive overlays in SharePoint and Office 365, short video tutorials, or pop-up guides with instructions and insights at the fingertips of the user – just like what a pilot would have in a modern cockpit.


ACES is a Charter Member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program, a prestigious accomplishment reserved for the best companies with a proven track record in exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional value. We are a trusted advisor to the Office 365 Product and Development teams for SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365. Because of our trusted NDA relationship with Microsoft, we are not only aware of changes to their roadmap years ahead of the public, but we help shape it. Our Privileged Partner status enables us to build solutions with the future in mind which gains deep appreciation from our customers and usually results in beneficial lasting relationships. We meet Functional and User Experience requirements by applying Human-Centered Design principles and Agile best practices. This promotes intuitive solutions and faster adoption. Our leadership in Project Cortex will empower our clients with the most advanced Intelligent Information Environment (IIE) soon to be available in government.