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Lessons Learned from the Cockpit

Weaponizing Microsoft 365 to Win the War Against Wasting Time.

In 1992, I was commissioned from the Air Force Academy with a degree in Aerospace Engineering to go to pilot training. I went on to get my Masters in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science from Arizona State University. 

In my 20 years career as an F-16 and B-2 pilot, I marveled at the remarkable technology and systems at my disposal inside the cockpit. However, as I descended my aircraft for landing, I found my enthusiasm plummeted along with it in anticipation for the starkly different experience in the office that would follow. Lackluster technology combined with inefficient processes and systems led to an IT landscape that felt like flying into a headwind. This frustration drove me to make a change. When I wasn’t flying, I served as a Network Architect, automating warfighter processes, and producing innovative groundbreaking technology solutions. I upgraded communications capabilities and led revolutionary technical efforts for the Air Force and DoD. My supervisors realized I could be as much (if not more of) a catalyst on the ground than in the air. 

In 2012, I retired from the military and formed ACES Group, where we focus on leveraging Microsoft 365 to enhance government technology. Today, our mission is the same as mine was then, to bring your organization closer to the cockpit.

-Jason Marshall

Founder & Managing Director - ACES Group

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O365 Cockpit

ACES Information Advantage

Content Services

Eliminating Content Chaos

As organizations grow, content management becomes pivotal for success. Content Services is the cornerstone of Process Automation and Business Analytics, marking the starting point for operational optimization and enhanced efficiency.

Process Automation

Leveraging Technology
This is technology's core value proposition, where we focus on efficiency enhancement. Streamlining, integrating, and automating processes reduce time, errors, and labor. Automation allows for performance measurement and issue resolution.

Data Analytics

Visualizing Your Information
Leveraging data visualization accelerates informed decision-making and boosts productivity. Data-driven dashboards monitor progress, gauge performance, and pinpoint process bottlenecks. Measuring performance and analyzing results are fundamental to continuous process enhancement.


Proficiency Drives Productivity 

Our unique approach embeds training directly into SharePoint and Office 365 using our ACES Tier Zero (AtoZ) Help System. Although we create our solutions to be intuitive like an app on a phone, we provide in context help using overlays right in the application.

Getting you as Close to the Cockpit as Possible

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What Sets Us Apart?

Reasons to Choose Us

Low Corporate Overhead

Minimize Corporate Costs - Maximize Client Value

ACES operates in a 100% virtual office environment that leverages technology and automation in our back office to significantly reduce corporate costs while improving quality and efficiency.  

Time Saving Solutions

SMART Solutions that Save Time

We bring several pre-built, reusable, time saving solutions that automate processes like onboarding, signing forms, and staffing documents to all our clients. We quickly configure our transformational solutions to bring meaningful value to our clients in days vs. months. This is a big reason why most of our business comes from referrals.


Faster Development Approach

Agile Development - Human Centered Experience

We use Agile Scrum to manage and Microsoft 365 to rapidly deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We iterate on the MVP to quickly achieve full functionality. Our Human Centered Designs provide stunning and intuitive interfaces that expedite adoption and shorten the user journey to proficiency and productivity,

Veteran Technologists

DoD Technology Experts who are Veterans 

Our employees are mostly retired Veterans, or they come from military families. We not only house some of the top experts in Microsoft 365 Government Community Clouds but have a variety of Senior Subject Matter Experts in the areas of SATCOM, Tactical Comm, Spectrum Management, Electronic Warfare, Finance & Budget, and PPBE. 

The ACES Group team brings a unique blend of leadership, innovation and creative problem solving techniques to the DoD. They are subject matter experts whose expertise has been significant in cutting costs and reducing redundant manpower requirements by automating key processes. ACES Group is not your typical IT Services company; they are “out of the box” professionals who consistently strive for improvement and better efficiency.  They are passionate about getting it right the first time and cover every detail to make sure operations continue without a hitch.    


- Former DoD CIO Deputy CIO for C4IIC

I wish to convey my sincere appreciation for your teams' tireless effort, dedication, and professionalism in recognition of exceptional contributions to the Department of Defense (DOD) Chief Information Officer Director for Command, Control, Communication Infrastructure (C3I). The C31 SharePoint portal, you all have created is one of the most engaging SharePoint sites I've used.

It is with great gratitude and deep appreciation that I acknowledge ACES Group LLC accomplishments and contributions to the nation and DoD. 

- Director, Command Control & Communications & Infrastructure, DoD CIO

We recently received some praise from the DoD Inspector General (IG)

The IG recognized the KM team's solution, for tracking our strategic plan progress as a Department of Defense Best Practice. They were highly impressed with how the team utilized SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in the DoD365 environment to engineer this solution. This is just one of the many ingenious solutions the KM team has developed to help us leverage our DoD365 enterprise service and modernize our business operations. In effect, they've enabled us to execute our mission more effectively. 

- DoD CIO Tactical Communications Lead

Privileged To Serve Our Clients

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