Sirius supercap storage for telecom applications delivers the best performance with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry

TOP 5 Benefits of Supercapacitors in Telecom.






Sirius supercap telecom storage range is suitable for deployment in any BTS configuration including good grid, bad grid and off-grid sites. Easy plug-and-play integration with existing rectifiers, and a wide operating temperature range delivers reliable and consistent backup resulting in increased uptime of the network. High charge / discharge rate capability and multiple cycling delivers significant opex savings in diesel genset operation.

Sirius supercap storage is now the benchmark for telecom storage – enabling increased revenue through higher uptime and lower costs through opex savings.

Energy consumption is a major portion of a BTS’s opex, particularly in bad grid and off-grid sites which rely on diesel generators. With growth in telecom usage, particularly in the developing world, the grid is increasingly not available and telecom operators are having to rely on diesel generators.

Deploying Sirius supercap storage allows reduction in opex through reduced genset runtime and increased diesel consumption efficiency. The key drivers in achieving these improvements are (1) the ability of Sirius supercap to be charged at more than 1C (depending on model) and (2) the ability of Sirius supercap storage to be cycled multiple times daily.


The high C-rate allows the genset to be operated at its maximum efficiency point, thus operating at optimal fuel consumption efficiency as well as considerably reducing runtime, leading to lower maintenance costs.

The table below is a summary of results from live sites of 5 telecom clients:

Case Study

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