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ACES Energy

The World's Best Battery

Energy at the Edge

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ACES is the FedGov distributor of SIRIUS Energy Modules, a disruptive energy storage technology that significantly outperforms all chemical-based batteries. There is simply no energy storage technology that is safer, lasts longer, or has a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

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SIRIUS Applications 




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Facilities & Housing

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Performance Advantage

Charging – Charges in minutes not hours – up to 60 times faster than Lead Acid or Li-anything

Cycles – Can be charged and discharged over a million times with no degradation (100 times more than Li-ion, 2000 times more than Lead Acid)

Capacity – 100% of the energy stored can be used, unlike Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries that have only 50-75% usable capacity  

Temperature – works without restriction in extreme conditions from -22F to 176F 

Lifespan – 45+ years with no degradation in capacity or performance over their entire life


Expeditionary Advantage

Stealthy - No heat signature and longer silent watch periods due to rapid charging that eliminates long generator runtimes

Resilient – Can be burned, short-circuited, punctured, pounded, even drowned, and will still function 

Safe – Won't catch fire or explode, and no release of toxic gases that can be fatal to friendlies when burned

Rugged – Battle-ready power for all platforms that works in harsh austere environments (-22F to 176F) and is submersible to 3 meters,  

Safety Advantage

Non-combustible – No risk of thermal runaway, fire, or explosion


Materials – Solid-state, made of graphene contains no hazardous materials or caustic chemicals,

Handling - No special handling requirements related to toxic and hazardous materials

Transportation - No transportation restrictions including air transportation

Storage – No fire suppression systems or special cooling and monitoring required


Logistical Advantage

Supply Chain - Not dependent on rare earth materials mined in remote conflict zones and manufactured in China

Warehousing – Store for decades with no maintenance, climate control and no performance degradation

Transportation - No transportation restrictions to include air transportation

Maintenance – No nanny charging maintenance, monitoring equipment, or labor required to maintain

Safe – No special procedures, clothing, or equipment from fire, explostion, or hazardous materials

Reuse – Can be repurposed after outlasting the platform it supports 

Sustainability Advantage

Persistent – SIRIUS Energy Modules last for decades with no replacement cycles which significantly downsizes the mining, manufacturing, and maintenance eco-systems

Recycling – Graphene composition requires no special recycling infrastructure to handle end-of-life scenarios

Clean Energy – SIRIUS modules are made of clean, readily available and environmentally safe materials 

Reduced Pollution – Reduces fossil fuel power generation with zero carbon or environmentally hazardous emissions.  

Energy Equity – Long-term energy enabler for remote, undeveloped regions and underserved communities


Cost Advantage

Replacement – Eliminates endless battery replacement cycles and associated procurement, shipping, storage, disposal, and labor costs  

LCOE – The Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE $/kWh) over 25 years is 7 times better than Li-ion and 30 times better than Lead Acid batteries

Efficient – Rapid charging reduces generator run times up to 86% which significantly lowers generator fuel, maintenance, and replacement costs

Warranty - 25 Year warranty available with no charge cycle restrictions 

Ecosystems – Eliminates expensive battery ecosystems such as fire suppression systems, climate control, disposal, special handling, and government certifications, and more

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