Electric Vehicles

​Sirius Supercap Storage for forklift applications.
Increased fleet availability and runtime at the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Supercapacitors will become the best energy storage solution for electric vehicles.  Domestic, or combat tactical, the efficiency of Supercaps, their very fast charge rates, and lack of thermal reactive chemicals make them the very best technology to power the next generation of electric vehicles regardless of the use case.  Kilowatt Labs has developed graphene sheets with high kWh/kg rates that are moldable.  This exciting innovation will allow vehicle designers to use these graphene energy storage sheets to form parts of the vehicle’s structure.  This has major implications for design and utility efficiencies.


Electric vehicles and equipment deployed in forward operations far from the grid require deployable energy management and charging capabilities.  We have the ability to deliver general vehicle charge capabilities or systems that meet specific mission requirements.