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​​When forward operating bases are deployed to extreme environments with high electrical power demands, SIRIUS technology delivers energy at the edge.​
Supercap Resilience Testing
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Image by Alexander Redl

SIRIUS Benefits

100% Safe & Green – No chemical reactions, no hazardous materials, zero risk of fire or explosion and no special handling. SIRIUS modules will never be on a no-fly list. 


Long-Lasting They can be fully charged and discharged up to a million times with no degradation.  No matter how long the fight, SIRIUS modules will endure.

99.1% Efficient – Round trip DC to DC efficiency ensure maximum capture of energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind  as well and generators and grids.


100% Usable Capacity - This can reduce generator run times and fuel requirements by 65-85%. Lower fuel requirements means less transport and IED/threat exposure.


Fast Charging – Because SIRIUS modules charge up to 60 times faster than chemical batteries, fewer batteries are required to carry on missions.


Extreme Conditions – SIRIUS modules operate in -30c to 80c (-22f to 176f).  Temperature does not affect usable capacity, charge rate, or lifespan.


Maintenance Free - SIRIUS Modules don't require any maintenance which is typically the largest cost associated with legacy battery technologies.


Low Observable –  SIRIUS modules match the ambient temperature of their environment eliminating threats to energy sources that rely on a heat signature. 


Long Shelf-Life – SIRIUS modules can be stored for decades with no maintenance, climate control, fire suppression system and no degradation in performance.  


Resilient – SIRIUS modules are extremely resilient with internal graphene-based capacitors shown to easily handle being smashed, punctured, burned, or drowned.


Doesn’t Need HVAC – SIRIUS modules do not require climate control like all other battery technologies. They work in extreme environments just like our warfighters.


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – The Levelized Cost of Energy for SIRIUS modules is below 5 cents/kWh which exceeds DOE 2030 targets today.   

Case Studies



24/7/365 requirements for Command, Control, and Communication in the military and public Telecom requires safe, efficient, resilient energy storage.


Deployable Microgrid

Energy access throughout the world.

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