Forward Operating Bases

Sirius supercap storage for Forward Operating Bases applications delivers the best performance with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry

Supercaps represent Energy at the Edge.  When forward operating bases are deployed they do so with high electrical power demands.  Supercaps operate in extreme conditions and bring persistent and resilient power to the fight.

  • Supercaps are Safe – There are no chemical reactions.  No heat is generated.  This means no special handling, transportation, or added explosion/fire suppression mitigations.  Supercaps will never be on a no-fly list. They eliminate the mission concerns and risks of chemical-based batteries. 


  • Supercaps Last a Very Long Time – They can be fully charged up to a million cycles without performance degradation.  No matter how long the fight, Supercaps will be there.

  • Supercaps are 100% Efficient – Unlike chemical-based batteries, Supercaps have 100% usable capacity.  This means more energy storage and less diesel generator runtime. This can cut fuel requirements by 65-85%.  Less fuel, means less transport, less transport, means less IED exposure.


  • Supercaps Charge Faster – Because Supercaps are electrostatic and not electrochemical, they can be charged at very fast rates.  Up to 60 times faster than chemical batteries.  Fast recharge rates means the mission is more efficient and less impacted by slow battery recharging.


  • Supercaps Operate in Extreme Conditions – Very low and very high temperatures have minimal effect on the performance of Supercaps.  They operate in -30c to 80c (-22f to 176f).  Temperature does not affect usable capacity, charge rate, or lifespan.


  • Supercaps are Low Observable – When the mission requires low observable heat signatures Supercaps blend in with their environment.  Because no heat is generated during use Supercaps emit the ambient temperature of their surroundings.  No thermal signature means it is harder to target.


  • Supercaps Can Be Stored for Decades – Long term warehousing and storage of chemical-based batteries come with ongoing nanny charge maintenance and significant fire suppression mitigations.  Supercaps can be stored for a very long time without any degradation of performance or usability.  Their no maintenance persistence improves long term mission planning.


  • Supercaps are Resilient – Plug and play means Supercaps are readily redeployed beyond the intended use.  Quick connects mean Supercaps can be moved quickly.  When energy resilience is critical to the mission Supercaps can be repurposed in the field as needed. 


  • Supercaps Don’t Need HVAC – There is no need to provide environmental temperature control for Supercaps.  They work where the mission requires without need for special heating or cooling.


  • Supercaps Have Very Low Operational Costs – There is simply no lower tactical energy storage option.  Supercaps perform well in extreme conditions.  They have very long lifespans with very reduced replenishment costs.  They are safe and have no special transportation, handling, or storage risks.  There are no long-tail maintenance requirements or hazardous environmental disposal impacts.  Supercaps significantly reduce mission operational costs for energy storage.