Zero-maintenance, long life, no degradation, fast charging power source.

The Ultimate Energy Storage


SIRIUS Energy Modules are the definitive storage solution for tactical and industrial equipment that delivers continuous uptime, long life, fast charging, temperature resilience, and no degradation.


Military and Humanitarian actions require significant logistics and movement of supplies and materials to meet mission needs. This involves warehousing, staging, and transportation by land, air, and sea.  To do so requires industrial and tactical equipment and vehicles like forklifts, aircraft tugs, flight-line crew vehicles, and new combat electric vehicles.  


Some of the industrial equipment is powered by low-performance chemical batteries that require battery change-out rooms, multiple battery banks for shiftwork, and ongoing battery maintenance – all of which limit productivity and add personnel interventions and cost to operations.

Superior recharging

SIRIUS Energy Modules recharge up to 60 times faster than lead-acid batteries and pose no fire risk like lithium-based batteries.  Because SIRIUS Energy Modules have 100% depth of discharge this means the entire energy storage capacity is useable. Lead-acid batteries only provide 50% and lithium batteries 70% of useable capacity.  Lead-acid batteries only last 500 discharge/recharge cycles (in ideal conditions) which requires ongoing replenishment that adds complexity and overhead to the mission.  

Higher Productivity at Lower Cost

SIRIUS Energy Modules happily operate in extreme temperatures and can be cycled more than 1,000,000 times without any degradation in performance.  This results in higher productivity at a lower cost and means warehouses can move the same number of supplies and goods with less electric lift equipment. In forward operations, much of the tactical and industrial equipment remain diesel or CNG powered because of the limits and concerns affiliated with chemical batteries.  The superior performance, very long life, and low operational costs of Supercaps mean even forward operations can utilize electric-powered equipment.  

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 Supercaps operate in extreme conditions and bring persistent and resilient power to the fight.​

Deployable Microgrid

Energy access throughout the world.