Lithium Battery Challenges

In addition to the high risk of fire and explosion, lithium batteries require costly support systems from fire suppression to heating and cooling systems. Regulatory requirements for special handling, transportation, and storage further

exacerbated by the entirely new recycling industry required to support the hazardous materials in Lithium batteries. All these issues to include the never ending replacement cost cycle  and supply chain risk associated with Lithium batteries go away with SIRIUS modules.  


Lithium complicates and degrades the resilience, readiness, and operational effectiveness of military installations. Consider all the specialized training, equipment, and time it takes to extinguish a Lithium fire that can last for days.  The 2nd order effects and ancillary damage to facilities and personnel can far exceed the cost of the Lithium loss, These incidents can seriously impede or end the installation's mission during the fire.


Lithium Batteries in the News


An in Depth Analysis on Lithium Battery Aviation Explosions - Sept 23 2021

As of September 23, 2021, there have been at least 340 aviation related incidents involving Lithium batteries carried as cargo or baggage recorded since January 23, 2006.

Article: Timeline of Aviation Lithium Battery Explosions



Tesla Terror: Lithium Battery ‘Bombs’ Exploding in Toxic Fireballs - Sept 17 2021

Giant batteries are said to be the Planet’s saviour, but be sure you’re well clear when they explode into toxic fireballs that firefighters can’t extinguish. 

Article: Tesla Terror Report



Moss Landing, CA, World’s Largest Lithium Battery Shutdown - Sep 16, 2021 

Detection of thermal runaway in single Lithium battery cell resulted in shutdown of 300MW facility.  Fire District Chief stated: “When you’re talking about a fire at the largest battery storage facility in the world, you can’t help but think this could be the big one.” Firefighters remained on standby for six days. 


Article: World’s Largest Battery Facility Shutdown with no Timetable on Return 


Australia Tesla Megapack 450 MW Energy Storage Facility Fire – Sep 8, 2021 

One of the newest and largest Battery Energy Storage Systems ignited just three days after being commissioned. “It took 150 firefighters and 30 trucks four days to extinguish this fire.” 


Article: Fire at 450MWh Tesla Battery Site in Australia Raises Lithium Concern  

Article:  Tesla Megapack Batter Burned for Days in Grid Storage Fire  


 Get Ready For Lithium Ion Battery Fires - Sept 1 2021

When lithium batteries began to explode in a burning warehouse in Morris, Illinois, on June 29, it caught firefighters by surprise. The massive fire prompted city officials to order evacuating nearly 4,000 residents living nearby, a church, and small businesses.


Article: Lithium Battery Fires Ablaze

Video: Morris Industrial Fire


Why Do Lithium Batteries Burn? - July 2021

n April 2021, three pallets of lithium-ion powered mobile phones caught fire at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). Responders spent 40 minutes extinguishing the fire.

Article: What Makes Lithium Batteries a Fire Hazard?

Video: Hong KongAircraft Lithium Fire


Lithium Battery Facilities Set to Explode Soon - July 11 2021 

UK’s giant battery ‘farms’ spark fears of explosions that can reach temperatures of 660C – even worse than the Beirut port blast – with one expert calling them "potential bombs"


Article: UK Battery Facilities on Brink of Explosion


NTSB - Lithium Fire Risks for Vehicles - Jan 13, 2021 

NTSB warning to first responders regarding the high dangers associated with fighting a lithium-ion vehicle fire with examples of electric vehicles whose fires were extinguished, only to reignite hours later. 


Video: Li-Ion Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles - Safety Risks to Emergency Responders 


International Air Transport Association Lithium Regulations – Dec 12, 2020 

An updated regulation on what is required to transport lithium batteries on passenger or cargo aircraft.  More than 25 pages of descriptions, procedures, and flow charts. 


IATA 2020 Regulation: Transport of Lithium Metal and Li-Ion Batteries   


FAA - Lithium Batteries: What’s the Risk? – Sep 24, 2020 

This video was created for passengers, air carrier employees, gate agents, shippers, and consumers to reduce the risk of fire on an aircraft. 


Video: FAA - Lithium Dangers on Aircraft for Passengers, Crew, and Cargo 


APS Lithium Battery Explosion Cause Report – July 8, 2020  

70 page independent safety audit report with detailed analysis.  Fire started from single cell of more than 100,000 that failed and started thermal runaway, fire and explosion.  Entire lithium battery energy storage system (BESS) is a total loss.  Two firefighters permanently disabled unable to resume careers. 


Video:  Report Reveals What Caused APS Lithium Explosion  

Report:  McMicken APS Lithium Battery Explosion Findings 


China Controls the Lithium Battery Supply Chain – Apr 6, 2020 

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the source of over two-thirds of global cobalt production, but China has over 80 percent control of the cobalt refining industry and 85 percent of the lithium battery supply chain. 


Video: China’s stranglehold on electric car battery supply chain 


Lithium Storage/Use Requirements for Optimum Life – Feb 26, 2020 

Lithium batteries are very sensitive to temperature, charge and discharge rates, and the state of charge.  This article is about the systems necessary to ensure Lithium batteries operate at peak performance and to reduce the risk of fire and explosion to a minimum.  None of these considerations are relevant to SIRIUS modules. 


Article: U.S. Chemicals - Li-Ion Storage Requirements 

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Lithium Battery Materials Mined by Children in Conflict Zones -Feb 22, 2020 

Many elements in Lithium batteries are mined in dangerous regions of the world often in abusive child labor camps with armed militia. 


Video: Lost Children – The Deadly Cost of Working in Africa’s Cobalt Mines 


Arizona Public Service (APS) Lithium Battery Explosion – Aug 9, 2019 

2MW Lithium energy storage system catches fire and explodes.  Sends 8 firefighters to hospital with critical injuries: skull fractures, broken limbs, and 3rd degree burns. 


Video:  Body Cam Footage of First Responders Post Explosion 



Lithium Iron Phosphate Fire Test – Sep 13, 2019 

An independent test by a highly regarding fire research organization.  Analysis – LiFePo batteries are safer than Lithium-ion batteries but once ignited are very dangerous fires that burn very hot and for extended periods of time. 


Video: Fire Burn Test of Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Storage System   


In-flight Passenger Compartment Lithium Fire – Feb 1, 2018 

Lithium batteries remain unsafe and threat to general and military aviation.  Dr. Natash Balsara UC Berkley, “Its completely unpredictable.  There’s no way to look at a battery and say this is the one that’s going to be trouble.” 


Video: Battery Fire on Plane Points to Danger in the Sky 


Lithium Batteries in the Military – Storage/Charging Considerations - Sep 19, 2018 

Despite wide usage, not everyone is aware of the hazards of lithium batteries and how to store them safely. A lithium battery explosion and fire at one base destroyed $70,000 worth of critical battery inventory. To make matters worse, the incident happened in a personnel-occupied building. 


Dangerous Risk – Lithium Batteries and Cargo Aircraft – Dec 8, 2014 

FAA test video shows a cargo container packed with 5,000 Lithium-ion batteries and a cartridge heater catch fire and thunderously explode. 


Video: Lithium Batteries Threaten Cargo Planes 


Lithium Fire Dangers in Warehouse Storage – May 9, 2013 

An independent analysis by FM Global a world-wide loss prevention insurance company that provides risk mitigation and business resilience consulting.  FM Global has written many international reports on the dangers of Lithium-anything.   


Global Reports:  FM Global Lithium Research Reports 

Video:   Fire Hazard of Lithium-ion Batteries in Warehouse Storage