Deployable Microgrid

Energy access throughout the world

The SIRIUS Energy Server

When the mission is off-grid SIRIUS Energy Modules are part of a complete microgrid energy capture, energy storage, and energy management solution.

The SIRIUS Energy Server is a microgrid solution that can be mission deployed to provide resilient energy to power forward operating bases (FOBs) and humanitarian or disaster relief areas where the power infrastructure has been destroyed or non-existent.


SIRIUS is a plug-and-play, modular, hardware and software package that accepts simultaneous multiple energy inputs from both renewable and non-renewable sources.  It manages the distribution of the energy inputs to load and storage, and from storage to loading.  


Delivering Energy Security 24/7

SIRIUS also regulates output power quality while balancing intermittency and the storage of energy with Supercaps or other energy storage technologies. When mission needs fluctuate SIRIUS balances and deliver energy security 24 hours a day.

Back at the base the SIRIUS Energy Server and Supercaps can be used to power remote training facilities where a combination of energy inputs like solar, wind, and or generator, are used to recharge SIRIUS Energy Modules to provide consistent energy.


Balanced Energy

Microgrids can also be deployed on base in areas where high electrical demands can be 

balanced between facilities or housing enabling grid independence.  Remote off-grid, or on base and in town, our microgrid solutions scale from kilowatts to megawatts.

Case Study: Marsabit, Kenya

Life-changing Power

The implementation of an off-grid solution using the Supercap Energy Storage and  Energy Server has enabled an incredible increase in production levels by micro and small enterprises in the town of Dukana, located in Marsabit, Kenya – hospitals are able to attend to more patients, schools can now operate for longer hours, and overall, the maintenance costs of these institutions were brought down to a minimum.

Residents have also found newer sources of income by opening up refrigeration and welding services, hair salons, and phone charging stations, none of which would have been successful without the assurance of an uninterrupted power supply provided by SIRIUS Energy Storage and Energy Server.

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