Operational Benefits

Supercaps empower forces through their resiliency – they go where the mission requires and they have persistence – they work reliably everywhere the mission takes them.  

Chemical batteries bring large operational overhead and burdened cost eco-systems to every mission.  It begins with the rare earth materials used in their manufacture.  Some of these materials are extracted in unstable geopolitical regions of the planet.  They are caustic and toxic with a long list of special handling and maintenance requirements for limited mission benefit.  At the end of their short operational lives, chemical batteries are an environmental disaster to recycle. The long-tail environmental harm caused by the disposal of existing chemical batteries is just beginning.  Like any personal relationship, if is starts badly it will end badly.  Chemical-based batteries have their genesis in bad materials and end with environmental harm.

Supercaps begin life a long positive relationship that starts with materials that are readily available and represent no end-of-life disposal issues.  The benefit of high operational value due to the resiliency and persistence of Supercaps represents long life and low cost.  There is just no better operational performance or lower total operational cost than Supercaps.

Real world example:

.  An example:
Remote training and staging sites often require off-grid power generation.  Typically, by use of diesel generators and lead-acid batteries as an emergency backup.  And some of these sites have solar panels to augment the power demands during the day.  After implementing Supercaps one site realized an 85% reduction in generator runtime because Supercaps were able to provide the majority of the operational power.  Reduced generator runtime means less equipment maintenance and supplies.  And markedly fewer fuel costs.  In this example, the customer bought Supercaps for their base performance improvements over chemical batteries and then realized unintended major operational cost reductions in fuel and personnel (less generator and battery maintenance required).  

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