C3 & Infrastructure

Sirius supercap storage for C3 & Infrastructure applications delivers the best performance with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry

Supercaps support command, control, communications, and infrastructure, by providing safe, proven energy storage that powers facilities that must have persistent and reliable electricity.  Hospitals, command and control centers, and remote telecommunication sites, where present diesel powered generators with chemical-based batteries for back-up are no longer viable or meet meet power requirements, and represent dangerous handling, storage , and use mitigations.

Supercaps are used around the world as energy storage for sustainable solar and wind electrical power.  They are used in field hospitals, as part of a microgrid for remote village off-grid communities.

They are deployed in facilities where reliable, resilient electricity is mandated.  Supercaps have been used as a single device or linked together to provide megawatt energy storage for large facilities with massive solar arrays.

Case Study

Remote off-grid Vaccine Storage

This project was funded by Innovation Norway and supported by UNDP, for a distribution warehouse of medicine and vaccines in Zambia.

W. Giertson, our VAR for the Humanitarian sector replaced 110kWh lead-acid batteries with 71kWh Supercap storage modules, with significantly longer life cycles that have allowed the client to save money and apply the savings towards other important initiatives like improved warehousing facilities for the vaccines.