SIRIUS Energy Storage

"The only problem we have with this technology is getting people to believe it's real."
                                                                                                       - Omer Ghani



A SIRIUS module is the result of a revolutionary breakthrough in energy storage that has finally solved  the centuries-old mystery of how to control the electrical discharge rate of a capacitor.  SIRIUS modules store energy through an electrostatic process, which improves their performance envelope well beyond that of electrochemical batteries (lead acid and Li-ion).

SIRIUS modules are a shift in paradigms from regular batteries. They charge faster, can deliver 100% of their stored energy over a million times, and are extremely resilient to temperature, impact, short circuiting, moisture, and more. 

SIRIUS modules are environmentally safe and will last for decades with no maintenance. Since they are  manufactured out of graphene, there are no rare earth metals that need to be mined from conflict zones or dealt with upon death. 

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Electrochemical vs Electrostatic


The storage and delivery of energy using electrochemical processes requires a continuous sacrificial decay of the battery to deliver electricity. This is why electrochemical batteries will always have a limited lifespan and endless replacement cycles that incur perpetual time, labor, and replacement costs.

Because SIRIUS modules use capacitors to store energy electrostatically, there is no continuous thermal or chemical sacrificial decay making them virtually immortal in comparison to electrochemical-based batteries.  This is also why SIRIUS modules have zero risk of fire or explosion.