What is a Supercapacitor?

While the industry is enamored with Lithium-based chemical energy storage solutions, they quietly overlook the obvious limitations of these types of batteries. Simply put, chemical energy storage limitations cannot be overcome by new elemental mixes of rare-earth minerals that inflict on-going environmental damage with the attendant potential for geopolitical conflict.

Present mining, manufacturing, use, and disposal, of present chemical-based energy storage technology, is just not sustainable, nor do they meet the rapidly increasing demand for energy storage.

Using Lithium-Ion or any other chemical energy storage is impractical and exceeds the needed requirements of chemical-based energy storage.  Fundamentally, chemical-based energy storage is NOT practical, sustainable, or cost-effective as a long-term solution. 

ACES Energy promotes a fundamental shift in thinking and a real solution to advance the usability of renewable energy. What we provide addresses the weaknesses inherent in chemical battery storage solutions, specifically, safety, longevity and limited cycling risks and liabilities. The products we represent are capable of daily charge/discharge cycles of 100% for up to one million cycles. Our solutions will provide many years of reliable service with little or no maintenance required.

 There are no special handling, storage, or transportation considerations - as required with chemical based batteries - because there are no caustic, toxic, or chemical reactions, that represent serious safety risks.  And when the time comes to dispose of supercaps, they are readily and easily recycled. 

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