Why Supercapacitors?

Supercaps perform better, last longer, and have no special maintenance, handling, or safety considerations.  They are made of widely available materials and are readily recycled in eco-friendly ways.  Chemical lead-acid or lithium-based batteries carry tremendous overhead and limited operational performance to any mission.

Supercaps are the B-E-S-T battery in the world for military or humanitarian missions.  

Breakthrough Technology - Improves energy storage performance with nearly unlimited cycling, faster recharge rates, and negligible degradation.

Eco-Friendly - Uses recyclable, non-toxic, materials able to operate in extreme temperatures with no performance degradation and no expensive end-of-life disposal costs.

Safe - Since no heat is generated during operation there is no risk of thermal runaway or explosion, and no requirement for thermal-related certifications, built-in cooling, or fire suppression systems or procedures.


Total Cost of Ownership – Supercaps are the best value in energy storage with a seriously lower total operational cost of ownership. Supercaps can be warehoused for decades with no nanny-maintenance requirements or loss of performance.

Below is a table that compares Supercapacitors with Chemical Batteries.

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