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The World's Best Battery

ACES is the FedGov distributor of a revolutionary supercapacitor energy storage technology. "Supercaps" significantly outperform all chemical-based batteries. There is simply no energy storage technology that offers a better ROI or lower operational total cost of ownership.

What is a Supercap?

Our supercapacitor (Supercap) is a high energy storage device capable of delivering electrical power when needed, where needed, in extreme operating conditions.  Supercaps fully replace Lead Acid, Li-ion or Li-Po batteries

Supercaps outperform existing unsafe chemical-based batteries in all critical areas related to military and disater / humanitarian relief missions 

Why Supercaps?

Supercaps deliver Energy-At-The-Edge with very low conditional requirements which result in very high functional operational benefits at the lowest cost

Supercap Operational Benefits

Supercaps outperform existing chemical-based batteries in all critical areas related to mission readiness and are safe

Supercap Applications

Supercap Differentiators


Performance Differentiators

Charging – Charges in minutes not hours – up to 60X faster than Lead Acid

Cycles – Can be charged and discharged well over 500,000 times with no degradation (100x more than Li-ion, 1000x more than Lead Acid)

DoD – 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD) means it can be fully discharged vs. 50-75% usable capacity for Lead Acid and Li-ion  

Temperature – works without restriction in extreme temperatures from -22F to 176F 

Lifespan – Expected lifespan of 25-45 years based on use with no degradation in performance or capacity


Safety Differentiators

Med and Safe.png

Materials – Made from graphene (carbon-based) – no hazardous materials or caustic chemicals

Noncombustible – No risk of thermal runaway, fire, or explosion 

Handling - No special handling or requirements related to toxic, hazardous materials 

Transportation - No transportation restrictions to include air transportation

Storage – No requirements for fire suppression systems or special cooling and monitoring

Tactical Differentiators

Stealthy - No heat signature and longer silent watch times due to reduction in generator runtime 

Resilient – Can be punctured, smashed, short-circuited, and submerged and will still function 

Nontoxic – No release of toxic gases that can be harmful to friendlies when damaged 

Rugged – Works in harshest environments (-22F to 176F) submersible to 3 meters, battle-ready power for platforms from aircraft, to tanks to submarines 


Logistic Differentiators

Source - No supply chain risk due to rare earth materials mined in remotely accessible conflict zones 

Warehousing – 45-year shelf life with no special cooling or storage requirements and no performance degradation

Transportation - No air, land, sea, or space transportation restrictions from aircraft to submarines  

Maintenance – No continuous charge maintenance, infrastructure, or labor required to sustain functionality or performance  

Safe – No special procedures, clothing, or equipment to support fire suppression, hazmat containment, 1st Responders, etc.
Reuse – Can be repurposed after outlasting platforms it supports 

TCO/ROI Risk Differentiators

Replacement – Eliminates several product replacement cycles over 25 years (3 for Li-ion, 7 for Lead Acid) and removes labor and costs associated with each cycle (procurement, shipping, storage, disposal, etc.)  

LCOE – The Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE $/kWh) over 25 years is 7 times better than Li-ion and 30 times better than Lead Acid batteries

Efficient – Fast charging reduces generator run times up to 86% and significantly lowers costs associated with fuel, generator maintenance, and replacement costs  

Warranty - Longest warranty available (25 years) with no charge cycle restrictions during the warranty period

Ecosystems – no costly risk mitigation ecosystems or certifications required to support the product across its lifecycle (HAZMAT procedures, battery disposal costs, certifications: UN/DOT 38.3, UL 9540A, IEC 62281, etc.)

Applications of Supercaps


C3 & Infrastructure

Tactical  Equipment

Charging Stations

Forward Operating Bases

Deployable Microgrid


Energy Storage / UPS

Electric Vehicles

Humanitarian Missions

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Certifications and Compliance

Obtained Certificates

​CE Certifications: 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive;

2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive;

Safety Standards EN Norms:

  • EN60384-1:2009,

  • EN60384-4:2007,

  • EN55022:2006+A1:2007,

  • EN61000-3:2006+A2:2009,

  • EN61000-3-3:2008,

  • EN55024:1998+A2:2003,

  • EN61000-6-1:2007,

  • EN61000-6-2:2005,

  • EN61000-6-3-2007,

  • IEC60384-14:2005