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Data Analytics

It's hard to hit a target you can't see, but it's even harder to hit one you don't have.

Visualizing data promotes faster well informed decisions, and more productive outcomes. Data driven dashboards track progress, measure performance and highlight process bottlenecks. The ability to measure performance and analyze results is the key to continuous improvement.

Business Analytics Process Graphics.png

When processes are automated, we can track progress and measure performance to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. This provides process owners immediate targets for improvement. A great example of the power of analytics can be seen in a Fighter Pilot’s Heads Up Display (HUD) when engaged in Air to Air combat. Numerous sensors gather information about the position and speed of aircraft relative to each other while maneuvering in 3D space. A massive number of calculations happen at the speed of light to provide accurate, dynamic, real-time holographic symbology in the Pilot’s HUD. The symbols in the HUD are like sights on a gun. If the pilot pulls the trigger at the right time, the target will be destroyed. 

The gathering of analytics happens so fast and are displayed so accurately that the pilot is shown exactly what to do to bring ordinance to bear while the aircraft is moving near or well above supersonic speeds and constantly making massive changes to their relative position in all four dimensions. We apply these same principles as a company. We have also adopted the same user experience principles in our dashboards and visualizations our founder learned while interacting with the ultra dynamic HUD and radar visualizations presented in the F-16 Fighter and B-2 Stealth Bomber aircraft.  

Imagine how fast you will be able to adjust course in your business operations when applying these principles, as well as the visualizations and dashboards we can create for your business processes. Just like a Fighter Pilot’s HUD shows him how to destroy moving targets in complex scenarios, the decision dashboards and visualizations we create will give you the insights you need to destroy the inefficiencies and inaccuracies in your business operations.

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