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ACES Awarded Sole Source CSO

Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) is an acquisition tool to increase innovation across the DoD. It is a sole source selection strategy to acquire innovative commercial items, technologies, or services that directly fulfill requirements, close capability gaps, or provide potential technological advances. ACES has been specifically awarded this contract vehicle based upon extensive development and capability demonstrations of the ENCAP/ENSIRIUS platforms for advanced configurable energy storage (ACES). 

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Welcome to the world of Commercial Solutions Openings (CSOs)! Established under the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and codified in DFARS Subpart 212.70 - Defense Commercial Solutions Opening, CSOs are revolutionizing the acquisition of cutting-edge technologies. Spearheaded by the Air Force's AFWERX program, CSOs provide government agencies with a streamlined pathway to innovation. Serving as a sole source selection strategy, CSOs facilitate the acquisition of innovative commercial items, technologies, or services to meet specific requirements, bridge capability gaps, or advance technology. ACES, renowned for its expertise in advanced configurable energy storage, has been awarded this prestigious contract vehicle, showcasing a dedication to innovation and excellence. 

Solution Description

Agile Combat Energy Storage (ACES) offers ENCAP energy modules that excel in durability, fast-charging, and longevity. These modules require no maintenance, have zero performance degradation over decades, and function in extreme temperatures without climate control. They boast 10x faster charging, over 50,000 cycles, and are eco-friendly, without hazardous materials or lithium dependence. ENCAP technology, with its high energy density, eliminates traditional battery limitations and mitigates supply chain vulnerabilities. It provides a resilient, cost-effective solution for military operations, reducing downtime, fuel consumption, and logistical complexities. ACES proposes a phased implementation plan, ensuring smooth integration and maximizing operational readiness. With its robust power distribution capabilities across various energy sources, ENCAP facilitates agile, efficient, and sustainable energy management, crucial for modern military requirements.

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