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About Us

Meet the Founders 

Genesis of ACES Group

Jason Marshall


As an Air Force F-16 Fighter pilot and B-2 Stealth Bomber Pilot, Jason applied unique technical expertise to automating business and war-fighter processes.  After 20 years of Active Duty service, the Office of the DoD Chief Information Officer requested he return to serve as the Lead Developer for the DoD CIO.  Three weeks later, ACES Group was formed and continues to strive to be the go-to SharePoint and Office 365 Knowledge Management, Process Automation and Business Intelligence Experts.  Jason seeks to recruit and train the top SharePoint & Office 365 solutions experts for DoD and Defense Agencies.

Leanne Marshall


As an F-16 Avionics commander, Leanne was told her husband Jason had ejected from one of her unit's F-16s.  Although he ultimately walked away from the event, his engine failure was the result of a defective part. When the couple was recruited to be the first joint spouse assignment for the elite B-2 Stealth Bomber program, Leanne transitioned from commanding logistics, supply, and maintenance units to leading the Quality Assurance program for the B-2 community.  She dedicated the rest of her AF career to quality assurance and process improvement where she continues to contribute in ACES Group.

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