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About Us

Meet the Founders 

Jason Marshall


Jason’s journey began in 1992 when he graduated from the Air Force Academy with an Aerospace Engineering Degree and a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. In 1995, General Chandler assigned Jason as Luke AFB Network Architect, where he pioneered the Air Force’s first secure ATM Switched network. As an F-16 and B-2 pilot, Jason marveled at the advanced technology within the cockpit, but upon landing, he experienced the stark contrast with the antiquated office systems used in the federal government. Jason applied his engineering and computer science technical expertise to innovate business solutions and war-fighter advantages. 

In 1996, Jason transitioned to the F-16 community, where he met his wife Leanne, and continued to automate warfighter processes, bridging the technology gap. All of his assignments included flying a jet and fixing an IT problem. 

In 2000, Jason and Leanne became part of the B-2 community, making them the first joint spouse couple in the programs history. Jason continued to innovate base communications upgrades and enabled the first simultaneous operations from multiple locations. 

In 2008, he joined the Air Staff, expanding their SharePoint infrastructure and hosting meetings with four-star MAJCOM commanders. At DISA in 2010, Jason crafted a SharePoint solution for GCCS-J and initiated a SharePoint rollout for DISA; the first of its kind. As the CTO at JIEDDO COIC in 2010, Jason enhanced IT operations in the Middle East by developing Big Data solutions, optimizing SharePoint, and streamlining DCO use. 

In 2012, Jason retired after 20 years of active-duty service. Shortly after, the Office of the DoD Chief Information Officer requested he return to serve as the Lead Developer for the DoD CIO. ACES Group was formed and has been a DoD365 center of excellence for the Office of the Secretary of Defense as well as various other DoD services and agencies for over 13 years. In recent years, ACES group has developed another line of business in the energy storage sector. The product line is innovative and state of the art. 

Jason’s business endeavors consist of relentless innovation, transformation, and education in an effort to continually bridge the gap between technology in the air and on the ground; ultimately reshaping government technology. 


Leanne Marshall


Leanne is a highly accomplished executive with a distinguished career. She graduated from the University of Nebraska/Omaha in 1993, earning her commission through ROTC. Her educational background includes a bachelor's degree in Public Administration with Political Science as her allied field of study.


With 20 years of dedicated service in the Air Force, Leanne held key roles in Logistics and Aircraft Maintenance, managing essential operations for critical weapons systems, such as the F-16, B-2, T-38, and A-10. She was one of the first joint spouse active-duty officers in the B-2 program and later assumed the role of the inaugural commander of the newly formed 442 Logistics Readiness Squadron.


Throughout her career, Leanne showcased exceptional administrative and organizational skills, effectively streamlining processes and procedures while boosting morale. Her natural leadership abilities consistently contributed to operational efficiency.


In her current capacity as the Director of Human Resources and Facility Security Officer for ACES Group (a Service Disabled Veteran Owned government contracting company), Leanne plays a pivotal role.

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