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Training that's embedded where it's needed for when it's needed

With technology constantly changing it's too hard for users to keep up with all the changes.  We embed training at the point of need - integrated into sites and solutions so users can quickly get the exact information they need when and where they need it.


Our unique approach to training embeds it directly into SharePoint and Office 365 using our ACES Tier Zero (AtoZ) Help System. We have read and believed all the studies on training that show how less than 10% of the information provided during training is retained whether computer-based or instructor-led. We have experienced it ourselves. People don’t have time to learn how to use all the systems they are inundated with daily. Especially with the ever-increasing rate at which systems are constantly changing. We create our solutions to be intuitive like an app on a phone. When extra support is needed, we provide in context help using overlays right in the application like Turbo Tax. Everything people need to know is at their fingertips and process owners can continue to add content to help users from short on-demand how-to videos to pop-up guides and brief context-sensitive helpful explanations.

We have provided training to the staff of many Federal agencies and assisted them to improve their productivity, effectiveness, and perform their roles and responsibilities efficiently. We have a systematic training process which not only focuses on improving the performance of the staff but also gives them the opportunity for growth and development. Our propriety training processes are focused on evaluating the training audience and determine learning objectives for the curriculum by discovering what participants know and what they still need to learn. Training analysis helps us to create viable training plans that clearly define the training topics of the course and select the correct delivery method.


ACES leverages the SharePoint architecture to disseminate training information to the entire community of interest. We have deployed video tutorials for user training in the following organizations in the Air Force and Office of the Secretary of Defense: DoD CIO, CMO, JSP and DoD IG.  These solutions include the Training Pages that provide functional tutorials that help employees learn in a variety of ways (reading, watching, practicing). We use this approach to provide resources which will be embedded into SharePoint sites, web pages, lists, libraries and web forms. 

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