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Process Automation

Empowering organizations to take their business operations to the next level

This is the major value proposition of technology and where we focus to improve efficiency. Streamlining, integrating, and automating processes reduces cycle times and labor requirements while improving quality . Part of process automation is automatically capturing the information required for performance metrics.

Once content chaos is brought under control, related processes can be assessed, streamlined, automated, integrated and measured. This is our primary focus as it provides the greatest value by reducing time, errors and labor requirements. 

If the essential purpose of technology in the workplace is to increase productivity, then process automation is the beating heart of organizational efficiency. For your technology investment to have value, it must enable the workforce to produce more with greater accuracy in less time. Streamlining, integrating & automating processes to reduce time, errors and labor requirements is our enduring value proposition.

In war, fighter pilots Plan their wartime missions and Prioritize their targets in a rapidly changing battlespace. They have to coordinate with AWACs, tankers, bombers, friendly missile defense systems, joint forces, ally forces, deconflict airspace, weaponeer targets, prepare for contingencies and much more.  Pilots Prototype their mission by quickly creating a mission brief in which everyone in the flight gets together and steps through each detail of the mission to include roles and responsibilities and how they will handle all the potential scenarios.  This entire process will execute in a few hours, not days. Once complete, they step to the jet, Pilot the mission, Produce results and return to home base where they land and debrief the mission.  They play recordings of everyone's Heads Up Display (HUD) and step through the mission looking for ways to Perfect their performance.

ACES Applies these same principles to get rapid results in business operations.  SharePoint and Office 365 equip the modern information workforce with the ability to integrate and automate business operations unlike never before. The speed by which out of the box and custom solutions can be created for SharePoint and Office 365 using the modern development approach is a complete game changer.  In addition, ACES FAST (Fiercely Awesome Streamlining Technology) solution framework enables us to create custom solutions 10x faster with 75% less code than the new modern approach.  Those who cling the to legacy approaches will waste time, money and not keep pace with their competition.  

In the case of Defense Agencies, the stakes are much higher and competition ranges from terrorist organizations to Nation States.  Any advantage an enemy of freedom can gain to get inside our OODA loop they will take. If we squander money and limit progress through inefficient business operations, we are giving up ground while preparing for battle.  Both poor and proper preparation are easy to spot on the battlefield and can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 

We cannot afford to give up any ground through poor inefficient business operations. Terrorists are already agile in their ability to react and respond by virtue of their size.  This is why ACES has been working for over 20 years to develop a solutions engineering approach that will enable large Defense Agencies like DoD to operate in a much more agile fashion.  The ability to streamline, integrate and automate processes using modern development tools for SharePoint and Office 365 can enable Borg-like coordination at the speed of war.  The ACES Advantage is not only our solutions framework but the cross functional experience of our teams.  We are training the next generation information worker we call Business Automation Technologists (BATman).

An important part of the ACES solutions engineering approach is how our solutions engineers work directly with process owners to prototype solutions.  We build actual working solutions in production faster than it takes "time tested and proven" legacy models just to document the As-Is and To-Be states.  We have discovered most organizations are tired of paying money to admire the problem on a deeper level – they want it fixed – fast.  ACES does this by cutting out the middlemen and the fluff.   Our Solutions engineer can make changes to a SharePoint workflow using our framework faster than it takes to update the documentation or some legacy Lean Six Sigma analysis tool.  Do we really want to invest so much time studying and quantifying how bad the old way was or do we want to move forward fast? If you want FAST you want ACES. 

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