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Content Services

To mature Business Operations, content must be effectively organized and managed. Content Services provides the foundation for Process Automation and Business Analytics. This is the first step in optimizing business operations.

Every business process involves forms, notes, reports, and a wide variety of other document types with text, graphics, and multi-media content. As programs and organizations grow, the sheer volume of information generated becomes too difficult to keep organized using traditional methods. This impedes performance and becomes increasingly difficult to manage. The result is increasingly inefficient behaviors as staff attempt to keep up and keep track at the same time.

ACES Approach to Authoring, Creating, Managing & Delivering Content
transforms results in almost every area of business operations

ACES understands the evolution of content, from standardizing and governing its creation and storage, to the automation of records disposition. One of our core capabilities revolves around our expertise in applying Microsoft 365 advanced features to ensure content is easily discoverable.

Like a jet engine turns air and fuel into thrust and power that pushes aircraft to supersonic speeds, ACES has developed an automated content curation solution that can be run in PowerShell to automatically removed ROT (Redundant, Outdated, Trivial) content from your information environment. The application can also relocate your content to the right place while automatically enriching it will helpful metadata. ACES can transform digital landfills full of forgotten and duplicative content into knowledge bases that empower organizations to reach new heights.

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