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Lithium Batteries are reported in the news to erupt in flames and explode daily.  FAA averages reports of Li-ion battery fires on commercial aircraft every 10 days.

The following information is reported directly from the U.S. Government and international news organizations


Lithium Ion Battery Explosion Complation

Ever wanted to know what a lithium-ion battery explosion looks like? Watch this video to see first hand the dangers of lithium-ion!

Video: Lithium ion battery explosions



The E-Bikes Are Back: Another Shop Up In Flames - Apr 21 2022

According to Andante owner, Mauricio Orozco, the shop had received an e-bike requiring its faulty battery to be checked and reinstalled. After the battery was sent to a repair specialist in Nevada and returned, it was left overnight to recharge. 

While charging, the battery pack caught fire, ruining Andante’s premises and a range of bikes, wheels and components inside the shop.

Article: E-bike battery fire destroys bicycle shop