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Lithium Batteries are reported in the news to erupt in flames and explode daily.  FAA averages reports of Li-ion battery fires on commercial aircraft every 10 days.

The following information is reported directly from the U.S. Government and international news organizations


New Safety Group Created After Lithium Fire - July 28 2023

Less than 24 hours after fire erupted at the solar farm in the town of Lyme, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the creation of a new safety group.

Article: After Lyme solar farm fire, Gov. Hochul announces creation of new safety group




They Won't Stop Blowing Up - Apr 11 2023

An electric bicycle powered by a lithium ion battery is being blamed for a fatal fire on Monday in New York City that killed two children, marking the latest in a string of e-bike-related fires in the city.

Article: NYC fire that killed 2 children caused by lithium battery, latest in string of e-bike-related fires in city



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