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Lessons Learned from the Cockpit

Weaponizing Microsoft 365 to Win the War Against Wasting Time.

ACES Introduction
O365 Cockpit

ACES Information Advantage

Content Services

Eliminating Content Chaos
As organizations grow, managing content becomes pivotal for critical for success. Content Services is the cornerstone of Process Automation and Business Analytics.  marking the starting point for operational optimization and enhanced efficiency.

Process Automation

Leveraging Technology
This is technology's core value proposition and where we focus to improve efficiency.  Streamlining, integrating, and automating processes reduces time, errors, and labor.  Automation improves quality, consistency, and productivity.

Data Analytics

Visualizing Your Information
Data visualization accelerates informed decision-making and boosts productivity. Data driven dashboards track progress, measure performance, and highlight process bottlenecks. Measuring performance and analyzing results are fundamental to continuous process improvement.


Proficiency = Productivity 

Our unique approach embeds training directly into our solutions. Although we create our solutions to be intuitive, we provide in context help using overlays right in the application (such as Turbo Tax does) to be sure everyone is able to support. 

Getting you as Close to the Cockpit as Possible

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Reasons to Choose Us

Reasons to Choose Us
GCCH Infographic1.png

Microsoft GCCH Experts

Government Community Cloud High Experts

We are among the few experts in designing, building, integrating, and managing custom portals and solutions in the Microsoft GCCH environment  This environment enables government agencies to process Controlled Unclassified Information, The new GCCS environment enables SIPR information storage and processing. 

Veteran Technologists

DoD Technology Experts who are Veterans 

Our employees are mostly retired Veterans, or they come from military families. We hire top experts in Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud when they leave the military. and various other FedGov Agencies. We also employ a variety of Senior Veteran Subject Matter Experts in the areas of SATCOM, Tactical Comm, Spectrum Management, Electronic Warfare, Public Safety Communications, and Budget & Finance.


Faster Development Approach

Human Centered Design & Agile Development

Our Human Centered Designs provide stunning and intuitive interfaces that expedite adoption and shorten the user journey to proficiency and productivity, We use Agile Scrum to manage development and Microsoft 365 to rapidly prototype and deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We iterate on the MVP to quickly achieve full functionality.

Time Saving Solutions

SMART Solutions that Save Time

We bring several pre-built, reusable, time saving solutions that automate processes like onboarding, signing forms, and staffing documents to all our clients. We can easily and quickly configure and customize our transformational solutions to bring meaningful value to our clients in days vs. months. This is a big reason why most of our business comes from referrals.

Low Corporate Overhead

Minimize Corporate Costs - Maximize Client Value

ACES operates in a 100% virtual office environment that leverages technology and automation in our back office to significantly reduce corporate costs while improving the quality and efficiency of our own business operations. .  

Privileged To Serve Our Clients

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