24/7/365 requirements for Command, Control, and Communication in the military and public Telecom requires safe, efficient, resilient energy storage.

Safe and Proven Energy

SIRIUS Modules support command, control, communications, and infrastructure, by providing safe, proven energy storage that powers facilities that must have persistent and reliable electricity. Hospitals, command and control centers, and remote telecommunication sites, where present diesel powered generators with chemical-based batteries for back-up are no longer viable or meet power requirements, and represent dangerous handling, storage , and use mitigations.

Sustainable and Reliable

SIRIUS modules are used around the world as energy storage for sustainable solar and wind electrical power. They are used in field hospitals, as part of a microgrid for remote village off-grid communities. They are deployed in facilities where

reliable, resilient electricity is mandated.  Supercaps have been used as a single device or linked together to provide megawatt energy storage for large facilities with massive solar arrays.

Case Study: Remote off-grid Telecom sites

SIRIUS modules reduce the total amount of previously required lead-acid batteries by nearly half and daily generator runtime reduced by as much as 86%.

Hundreds of cell tower sites in remote off-grid regions and in urban sites are now powered at night by energy stored in SIRIUS modules. SIRIUS modules enable economical peak shaving by delivering cost-effective power during the most expensive time of use utility rates. 

Very large Telecom companies have recognized the superior performance, safety and no-maintenance benefits for cell tower operations.  

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