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Data Centers need a backup energy delivery solution that is always on and proving itself daily for true peace of mind when it comes to energy resilience.


“In a power outage, the first step is to admit you are powerless.”  


Critical Facilities Need Uninterruptible Energy

Mission critical facilities like command data centers and hospitals can never be without power. These facilities require uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - an electrical apparatus that provides short term emergency power long enough until a backup generator can be started and load balanced. The time duration of a UPS is only minutes. UPS systems use specific sized Lithium-Ion battery banks in combination with various proprietary metering switchgear devices and software systems. These systems are housed in environmentally HVAC controlled spaces in order to keep the fragile equipment and chemical batteries functioning within their narrow performance window.  

Extreme Low Maintenance

Moderate temperature fluctuations can notably affect performance of the system and degrade battery capacity. These spaces also require substantial fire monitoring and suppression systems because when a lithium-ion battery fails from thermal runaway the result is a very hot burn that can last hours. A UPS also requires never ending weekly/monthly service, maintenance, and replenishment. There is an entire industry of companies whose only business is to bid and provide maintenance services necessary to insure the reliability of the UPS lithium-ion batteries.

No Nanny-maintenance

A UPS system that uses Supercaps requires no special environmental operating conditions or nanny-maintenance to keep them at optimal performance. Supercaps function well from -22f up to 176f without any impact on performance, charge rate, or longevity. Supercaps last for hundreds of cycles and because they have a 100% depth of discharge, they can deliver power longer and recharge less.  And when they do, they recharge up to ten times faster than lithium-ion batteries.  Supercaps are easily transported with standard supplies and materials. Because they contain no caustic or dangerous chemicals they are safe and represent no fire or explosion risk.  Lithium-Ion batteries for UPS are on the no-fly list of devices for most international and military air carriers. 

Medical Facilities

When uninterruptible power is a requirement for field operations or medical aid sites near refugee centers, Supercaps are the only choice to improve operational power efficiency, resiliency, and security, which run well in all conditions no matter what or where the mission requires.


Best Energy Storage for UPS Backups

Backup or Standby power is different from UPS. These systems can be a combination of generator and lead-acid batteries, or generator plus lead-acid batteries and solar panels. We have customer sites that have 24/7/365 power requirements for remote off-grid cell signal and microwave towers. These power requirements are identical to those on many large training bases where remote sites have communication towers that need power around the clock and calendar.  One solar augmented site where Supercaps replaced lead-acid batteries generator runtime was reduced by 86% which resulted in annual fuel cost savings of $75,000 and eliminated the monthly battery service and replenishment contract.

Supercaps are the best energy storage option for UPS, backup, or standby power.  There is no better battery.

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